Dr. Anthony Lang is a leader that is faithful in the undertaking of his calling from the Lord.   A profound preacher, teacher, and administrator, Dr. Anthony Lang leads by example. An humble and authentic servant of the Lord, Dr. Lang operates in his gift only through the obedience of the Holy Spirit. By empowering leadership and service Dr. Lang has advanced the Kingdom vision of "The Union." Preaching and teaching the uncompromised Word of God, Dr. Anthony Lang encourages change through the power of God.






First Lady LaShawnda Lang, as helpmate and back bone to Dr. Anthony Lang, leads by example. A superlative speaker and teacher of the Word of God, First Lady Lang speaks encouragement and strength to souls by always pointing to Christ. 



As vessels for Christ, both Dr. & First Lady Lang set the standard for Leadership by being the “Uncommon” Leaders of the WUMBC!